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Josh and Mr. Bee


Josh is three years old.

One day Josh took Mr. Bee on a plane. He sat in the seat with Mr. Bee. 

A strange lady came and sat next to Josh. She took some photos of Josh, Mr. Bee and his mummy, daddy and his baby sister. 

You can see some of the photos here.


Josh with Mr. Bee waving


Josh clutching Mr. Bee and a book of 'Powerpuff Girls' stickers.


Josh looks happy


Josh with Mr. Bee's bee


A black and white photo of Josh


This is Josh's Dad, he's smiling.


Here's Josh again.


Here is Josh's Mum.  She's carrying his baby sister.


Another photo of Josh's Mum. 

It is very difficult to manage a baby on a plane, on a long flight, especially if the baby is teething. 

This baby looks happy, doesn't she?


A last photo of Mummy and Baby.

Goodbye Josh's Mum.

Goodbye Josh's baby sister.


Here's Josh again.


We have to go.

It's been really nice meeting Josh and his family.

It was his brother's birthday, it is a shame we haven't got a photos of Josh's brother.  Maybe next time.

Goodbye Josh.